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Courtnay’s goal for 2022 is Freedom. This is how she's getting there.


by Ted Lane


Plus, the training gear that’ll make her 

journey faster, stronger and easier. 


For years, Courtnay’s goals were simple. To win. And win she did, but her relationship with exercise wasn’t always best-in-class. “It got to a point where it was damaging my self-esteem,” she says. If she didn’t perform well, she didn’t' know how to deal with it. It was a spiral of constantly judging that gave her no space to just be herself.

Eventually, she left sports behind, but that wasn’t where she found freedom right away. Initially, it was daunting. “I lost my identity,” she says. There was still a desperation to train hard and train a lot. “I couldn’t slow down.”

But then she started to change the way she set her goals. She wanted to run a certain time because it made her feel energised. She wanted to perfect a lift because it made her feel strong. And then it clicked. This is how training can be. “I was finally free to do what I really wanted.”

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For Courtnay, though, Freedom doesn’t mean easy street. It’s the ability to push herself in the ways she chooses. The Freedom to actually enjoy the sweat and gritted teeth of a workout. Importantly, when she’s moving at maximum intensity – still with a smile on her face, of course – Courtnay needs kit that can keep up. It’s why she has enlisted the Wunder Train Bra and Wunder Train Tight as her new training partners.

“They’re really comfortable – the fabric felt soft and cooling,” she says. “The fit is excellent, too. I don’t need to adjust during my workout.” Which allows her to focus on the goal at hand.

Powered by our Everlux™ fabric, the whole Wunder Train collection is highly breathable and quickly wicks sweat so you feel less sweaty during (and after) your workout. The bra is also high-necked for extra coverage and offers plenty of support to power you through the toughest workouts of your 2022 training plan.

“The Wunder Train bra is really flattering, but what’s really important to me is that it gives me great support, especially when jumping and running.”
“I feel free to move. The fabric of the Wunder Train Tight feels soft and cooling. Plus, the colour energises me, so I’m ready to work hard!”