Looking for extra support in your workout? Our fitness equipment is designed to give you the boost you need to work that little bit harder—and stronger. From yoga mats and blocks to water bottles, sport gloves and super-absorbent microfibre towels, we’ve got every activity and intensity covered. Fair-weather runners will love our hats and neck warmers, while our collection of belt bags and arm bands ensure a hands-free experience. Ready to cool down? Try our stretching straps and foam rollers, made to help you relieve tension after your session.

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24 products

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Stretch, strengthen and tone with our gym (and home) friendly training gear.


Having the right workout equipment can make a big difference to your workout, performance, and your recovery. If you’re doing pull-ups or deadlifts, adding workout gloves to your gym kit will not only protect your hands, but you might find you can push through more reps, too. And the same goes for boxing: adequate wraps will help to prevent injury.

For runners, the key is removing distractions so you can focus on your stride and breath. Our running accessories include belt bags and armbands, which are designed to do exactly that—so you can store away your keys, phone, and bank card without a second thought.

If you’re practising yoga, first and foremost, ensure you have a quality mat—blocks, straps, and a microfibre towel (especially if you love a hot vinyasa flow) will also come in useful. For more ideas, read our yoga equipment guide below.

High-performance features

From breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics to touch-screen features and adjustable sizing, we’ve thought of everything to ensure our fitness equipment works as hard as you. And of course, insulated, leak-free, and slip-free water bottles to ensure you stay hydrated when you're working out.

The beginners’ guide to yoga equipment

If you’ve ever asked the question, what do I need for yoga? You’re in the right place. Start with one of our cushioned reversible mats: made with Polyurethane and natural rubber, they’re designed to ensure maximum grip and minimum slippage as you flow. We’ve also added an antimicrobial additive to help prevent mould and mildew from forming over time.

Not sure how to use yoga blocks? They’re a brilliant prop for balances, lifting your seat higher in meditation, and generally supporting your alignment so you can lift and lengthen in your practice. With three height options, ours are made from durable rubber—ideal for beginners and advanced yogis.

Stretching straps are also a smart addition to any yoga practice. Designed to give you extra length and support, you can use them to open up your shoulders and hamstrings, lengthen deeper in forward folds, and as an assist in binds.

The benefits of using massage balls post-workout

Our massage balls and foam rollers are designed to help you release tension from your workout. Be it a leg day or full body, use them to apply pressure to target specific muscle groups to aid your recovery, and you can also roll your feet over them to boost circulation in the mornings and/or before bed.