Welcome to the Meditation Space


October is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s been a tough year and we all need some extra support.

We know that meditation creates mixed reactions—some people can’t live without it, some have no idea what it means, and some think it’s simply not for them.

The thing is, you might already be doing it without realising. Meditation can be anything—a deep breath, a long run, a walk outside, your favourite class, time spent with a book, a home-cooked meal, or listening to music you love.

There’s a version for everyone and this hub is here to help you find it. Because every mind needs a break once in a while.

What is meditation?

lululemon ambassador Michael Coates shares his meditation journey, and why it’s so important to begin your own.

Ideas to get started

To settle into the moment, put your headphones on and enjoy one of our Spotify playlists.

Allow us to guide you

Whether you’re meditating for the first or 100th time, we’ve got something for every level in our online library.


Connecting with Others

How to be compassionate and connect with yourself and those around you by Catherine Njeri.


Responding to Challenges

Kimoko Bokura shares a three-step meditation on beating stress.


Letting Go

Psychotherapist Hiro Demichelis offers a guided meditation on dealing with grief.


Finding Your Calm

Feeling anxious and stressed? Simon Moyes shares two tools to help.


Settling into Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Try this relaxing full-body meditation with Manoj Dias.


Working with Anxiety

Kelly Boys offers a meditation on using your body and spatial awareness mindfully.