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Discover why David Kam’s goal this year is ‘Curiosity’


by Ted Lane


We also reveal the kit that’s helping him 

flow towards it on the mat. 


“Setting goals is like planting a seed,” David says. “It can be something you care for and nurture over a long time. It shouldn’t be based on a quick win.” Importantly, it doesn’t have to be a goal that changes each year. Instead, it can be an evolution – one you explore and tweak as you progress.

This realisation is why David sets his sights on the feeling of curiosity. “As a yoga teacher I feel a lot of pressure to know everything,” he says. “Obviously, I don’t. And when I surrender to that I can think about what I’m interested in discovering.”

David knows that perfection is impossible. In yoga he wants to wobble – he wants you to wobble in his classes, too – because then he knows that he and you are taking a step towards something new.

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“Poses are just the starting point,” he says. From there his goal is to move around in the poses and to find a way that can really serve him. This curiosity to explore adds the “spices of impetus” that help him to keep progressing.

To be curious and to explore on the mat, you need kit that isn’t going to restrict you or hold you back. That’s why David’s go-to gear has become the DrySense Sleeveless and Balancer Shorts“I can sweat all I want, and they keep me feeling cool and comfortable,” he says.

The top is designed with added room in the chest and at the waist to help you move freely and the extra Lycra means it can stretch with you. The shorts are powered by our Everlux™ fabric, which provides four-way stretch to move with any flow and feels cool and sleek on the inside when your practice heats up.

“The DrySense sleeveless is a staple in my bag because of how quickly it dries. It allows me to train comfortably in style.”
“I like the Balancer shorts because they hug my thighs just right, yet they allow me to move as freely as I need to. These are now my go-to shorts.”