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Why Charlie doesn’t set New Year’s resolutions.


by Fran Liu


Plus, the running gear he chooses to 

keep his mind and body in check. 

Charlie’s no ordinary runner. If you see him running the canals, he won’t have a route in mind, or a fitness tracker to hand. Why? Because for Charlie, running is so much more than putting one foot in front of the other. “I’m a rule breaker,” he says. “If I see something interesting, I'm going to stop, and I'm going to have a look. I might even take a picture, because I’m looking for inspiration, not personal bests.”

Given his approach to running, it’s no surprise Charlie doesn’t set New Year’s resolutions, “When you make a list of goals that you don’t meet, there’s a burden of expectation that sets you up for failure, before you’ve even started.”

Which is why he’s moved away from the traditional measures of goal setting and focused on feeling. In particular, the feeling of balance. “For me, running has always been about balance,” he says. “Sometimes, it can be as simple as moving my body from one side to another.” But for the most part, it’s more than that. It’s about balancing what’s happening in his running life, with what’s happening in his day-to-day life.

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“When I find that balance, I get a real sense of joy and mental clarity. Like I’m three steps ahead of life. I'm not waiting for life to happen, I'm telling life how it's going to happen. That’s the celebration, that’s the feeling I'm after.”

To enjoy the sensations of every run, Charlie needs distraction-free gear that’s breathable, lightweight, and allows him to focus on the goal at hand. He opts for the Surge Warm 1/2 Zip and Surge Tight.

The Surge ½ Zip is perfect for conquering cold weather runs. Made from Rulu™ fabric, its sweat-wicking technology keeps you warm, even when the temperature drops. The leggings, ergonomically designed for running, are powered by Nulux™ fabric to enhance your every stride, while mesh panels keep you dry, visible, and take the edge off early morning runs.

“This is my go-to layer for runs around my neighborhood. It’s lightweight, warm, with the just the right amount of stretch when I'm on the move.”
“I wouldn’t usually run in leggings, but these are perfect for longer, winter runs. They’re lightweight, unrestrictive, and have got reflective details down the side for when it’s dark outside.”