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Create Your 19 in 19

Create Your 19 in 19

19 in 19 is a simple way to set goals that inspire you, and fire you up all year long. So, what do you want in 2019? More specifically, what are 19 ways to make it your best year yet? Your goals aren’t New Year’s resolutions, they can be anything from small changes or new habits, to big, life-changing achievements. Think of your 19 in 19 as a way of organising all the things you want in your life, so you can start checking them off. What’s your 19 in 19?

Let's do this

Let's do this

STEP 1. Define what you love

STEP 2. Identify your strengths

STEP 3. Visualise your best year

STEP 4. Set your goals

STEP 5. Get to it

Create Your 19 in 19

Create Your 19 in 19

Write down anything and everything that makes you feel good – aim for 20 things. Go beyond the obvious and really dig in to what is unique to you.

These are the things you love, but when was the last time you did them? Go back over your list and write down the last time you remember doing each thing – you may find you don’t give enough of your time to the things you love the most.

GOAL STARTER - How can you do more of the things you love?


Our own strengths might not always be obvious. To help find them, think about the things that you’re naturally good at by answering the questions below:

When does time fly by?

What leaves you feeling full of energy?

What do your friends and family turn to you for?

Use your areas of strength as inspiration to create goals that will empower you to succeed.


How can you spend more time doing the things that make you feel strong?


Think about your life one year from today. When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? What is your day like? What have you accomplished this year?

Write or draw about what you want your life to be like in one year’s time.

You know what you love and where your strengths are. You know what your ideal year looks and feels like – so now it’s time to set some goals


Write from “I”. Your goals are personal, so start each one with “I” and keep to affirmative, decisive statements like “I will,” “I do,” and “I am,” to enable you to see yourself succeed.


Goals should make you feel good. For example, instead of making a New Year’s resolution to give up your morning coffee, set a positive goal to save €5 a day towards your summer holiday.


Break the big goals (the ones that make you nervous), down into smaller, more achievable steps that will help you get there. For example, if your big goal is to buy a house, set yourself smaller goals around saving, taking DIY courses, or watching Location, Location, Location – to keep you on track.


Unlike resolutions, to set a powerful goal you need to give yourself a realistic deadline to work towards. If it’s a habit, think about when you want to start, and how you’ll know you’re succeeding. This is a tried-and-true way of keeping yourself on track, as well as celebrating your achievements through the year.


To get started, reflect on what you love and what your strengths are. What are the big changes you want to see in your life a year from now? Use them to create smaller goals to get you there.

This is your year. Share your goals—and increase the likelihood of achieving them by 65%.


Ready, set, goal




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